Highly reliable popular dispenser equipped with global-standard components
-Meets OIML Standards and achieving optimum balance of excellent performance economically

-Compact body fits intro Narrow Spaces

"Equipped with reliable,high-precision TATSUNO pump/meter

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  • Long-lasting, A  fine display uses high-visibility bright red LED Backlight
    -Large, Easy-to-read characters and compact layout           -Supports up to 5-digit unit price and 7-digt money amount & Volume
  • Standard-Equipped with user-friendly preset keypad Secure, password-protected registration
  • Standard-equipped with over-voltage protector (OVP) to protect electrical device from high voltage 
  • Supported by full range of potions

         - Non-resettable electomagnetic totalizater             - Double Swivel

         - Emergency stop switch                                      - Safety Coupling

         - POS Interface (RS-485)                                     - Emergency Shut-off valve

         - Sight glass                                                       - Full range of nozzle options

         - Reusable filter                                                  - High-speed: 70 L/min Maximum speed: 80 L/min

         - Top gallery panel